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Full Product range 

How to have a Unique business model 

1. Sell beneficial consumable products - something everyone needs that brings benefit to life itself 

2. Validated claims on results  - real science based products and not just clever marketing

3.Products unique to you as a distributor, with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee you can offer people

4. Have a not for profit beneficiary to your success, one that has a genuine need and credible relavence  

Sharing the gift of health
Step one 

Commit to your own wellbeing


Join me as a Mannatech associate and take control of your families wellbeing and overall health.
It can take 3-6 weeks to fill your deficiencies and we offer 3 months Guarantee to you and your family to try our products and feel more alive 

Step two

Set up an Automatic Order


To ensure continuity of product supply, set up your Automatic order to receive products every 28 days, and  continue to feel  the benefits of your new health regime.
This will enable you to participate in our Loyalty Program.

Step three
Step four 

Change Childrens Lives


Mannatech has a mission of connecting 5 million consumers of its products with 5 million children who are affected by malnutrition. This initiative is called Mission 5 Million. Your Automatic order is helping fight global malnutrition.

Share the Success


Consider the business model which Mannatech offers if you join as an Associate initially and then grow into a M5M Champion. There is no rent or staff to pay: work for yourself from the convenience of your own home. 

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