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The Immune System Urgency

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

let me begin with the story of 2 armies, both serving on the front line of an everlasting battle.

The enemy attacked the camp of Army # 1, and because the enemy was well disguised, the defending army #1 had trouble recognising its foe, and subsequently Army #1 was slowly taken over with well-disguised enemy soldiers.

On another day the enemy attacked the camp of Army #2 and in a flash all the fighters in Army #2 confronted the enemy and attacked them very strongly. However the fighters of Army # 2 got out of control and as a result could no longer recognise its own army of fighters from the enemy fighters, so they began fighting and destroying themselves.

Soldier 1 was confronted by cellular dysfunction leading to tumour

Soldier 2 was confronted by cellular dysfunction leading to auto immune

This battle is continuous at the cellular level of every day and for reasons i will explain, is becoming a harder battle to fight. But you can optimise your army to its fullest capability.

In both cases the disease came from blood communication

Lets begin at the cellular level

Foundational understanding

Every cell in your body is like a tiny car engine that needs fuel to perform with regular service and maintenance. Each moment of this life is generated by trillions of processes, occurring through trillions of nerve impulses and trillions of biochemical reactions such that every thought, emotion or action causes a universal change in the physiology of the human body – We call this innate intelligence.

Our bodies are constantly battling to keep in balance which is called homeostasis. The Constant threat to our health and long living can come from a number of toxicities: Cigarette smoke, Air pollution, water pollution, micro organisms , pesticides, herbicides, recreational drugs,pharmaceutical drugs, the list goes on...... and on. It is also my personal belief that our cells are also effected by emotions, feelings and life experiences such asemotional abuse, neglect and slander just as much as toxins and external forces.

The way nature ensures our constant ability to stay alive is to supply the food chain with all the necessary tools for the job - Carbohydrates for energy, and nutrition for maintenance. We mix these with air and water and life goes on.

The Important thing to understand is the life of our old cells is passed onto the life of our new cells and it is in this regeneration, that process things like, getting old and degenerative illness.

Daily intake of essential nutrients

Cells must work together as a team, communicating with other cells to achieve optimal organ, immune and brain function. We have recently understood the complexity of the nutrients required per day in order to function properly.


· 26 Vitamins

· 72 trace minerals

· 3 fatty acids

· 16 amino acids

8 Glyconutrients


· 📷

IF we can make all this communication from 4 shapes, imagine the extent of the communication with the 8 glyconutrients at cellular level.


Glyconutrients provide a unique set of nutritional building blocks for supporting the body’s normal recovery processes.

Research has shown that glyconutrients can support the various functions of the immune system to help achieve the best outcomes.

Pharmacy & the side effects of medicines

We are grateful for the advances of medical sciences and the doctors who do the best they can with the information they are given. Modern pharmacology has provided an arsenal of treatments specific to certain sicknesses and diseases.

What we must be aware of is how the absorbing of the pharmaceutical solutions affects the innate systems of our body.

By its very nature, all pharmaceutical drugs can kill you if taken in high enough dosage. The process of how they work results in depletion of natural nutrients.

Depletion of essential nutrients from pharmaceutical products


Food Choices

On request, information on an effective alkaline diet can be given to assist acidic reduction

Any claims of foods healing diseases are illegal. What I can say is certain foods can certainly assist in helping you being made well.

Foods to avoid:

· Sugar

· Alcohol

· Dairy

· Wheat based products

Intake priority

· tap filtered ph 9.5 water

· Spinach

· Kale

· Love

· Affection

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