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My 1st solo DJ gig was because of a blank tape

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

My 1st break came when my local art centre (Part of the Hampshire Arts Consortium) heard a BLANK TAPE I accidentally sent in (bad recording equipment at home was the reason).

My introductory words inside the cover seemed to intrigue them:

"Un mixed and uncomplicated, welcome to the sound of Amore-arty...............".

I then continued to explain my desire to launch a Sunday gathering with board games, patio and the art gallery open - with the tape being a sample.

The way in which the cassette was presented, the title “Effective Communication”, and the fact it was blank, seemed to convince them It was a good idea. I thank God I did not have the time to listen back to my recording.

They thought the blank tape = Effective Communication = ART!

1st gig thanks to a BLANK TAPE accident– lucky old fate!

Amore-arty grew from 10 people on day one, to over 100 for the 1st Amori-Christmas event. 2 Funk bands (Soul Jazz & Zoot), DJ’s from as far as Glasgow - Alex Lowes, Marcus James from Renaissance and a cheeky jazz trio in the bar.

My first party lost £500 – but the experience was invaluable. (My sister Jo has since forgiven me for blowing the Christmas shopping money on an art rave)

Please remember, an advert in MixMag may not attract the extra 150 people you needed to break even.

I had already decided to ignore all the current big, DJ, crowd - pleasing tunes, and learn to develop my own sound.

This would ensure that by the time my technical skills were mastered – I would develop a sound, which would be fresh, and style to call my own.

The early days were mainly spent in 2nd hand record shops, because developing a vibe seemed more important than the latest tunes.

A decision I will never forget.

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