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The parable of the butterfly

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

There's no such thing as a caterpillar though

Caterpillars do not respond to external stimuli based on their crawling capabilities.

They are simply on their way to becoming what they were always meant to be.

Inside every nucleus of every gene in every cell of that caterpillar is the blueprint of wings and flight.

Therefore a caterpillar can spend all of its time crawling until it comes to a place where it taps into its desire to fly.

It discovers that the identical suction cups at the bottom of its tentacles that can hold it in the hole Horizontal can support it vertically.

Once it finds a tree, it starts climbing it, and it gets out on a limb and finds the air is very different from down there, and things seem different as well

It looks it out and says

"Oh my goodness, this is a much more inspired viewing point from Which to interpret my reality."

Now, what???

Now, reinvent yourself and spin yourself into a dream chamber called the unknown, and you take every part that worked to get you there, and you deconstruct and reconstruct, and when you're ready, you break out of your dream chamber, and you Spread your wings, and you sing as loud as you can Altra Nate – FREE

If a caterpillar's creational power intends to become a butterfly, what about you?

Is there anything inside you that wants to rise and grow so you can spread your wings and fly?

There is greatness in you.

Allow yourself to be crazy enough to listen to that deep voice that says don't define yourself by where you are.

Future potential is not determined by your current position.

Currently, you are going through a phase on your way to becoming everything that blueprint insight says you are...

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